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The Business Scenario is a separate view on the sequence of Business Processes (and Business Process Variants) triggering each other and thereby forming an end-to-end process flow. These end to end process chains may consist of various Business Processes and Business Process Variants executed in a logical order. Business Processes and its Business Process Variants may belong to different Business Areas and Process Groups.
A Business Scenario is geared towards the achievement of a defined business objective. The achievement of this objective is measurable with KPIs. The KPIs clarify the customer's value and benefit he wants to achieve. A Business Scenario describes at full extent and completely the processing of one business operation. Unanimity refers to both economical operational sequence and functions as well as to data consistency. A Business Scenario is always described from the point of view of one company. It shows the B2B interactions with other companies but not the processing in these other companies. It can include collaboration functionality.


Business Scenarios are used to define and visualize end to end process chains. These end to end process chains can be used for the following objectives:
• requirements definition
• documentation
• end to end integration testing
• demo and training
• scope definition in projects

Naming Standards


1. Plan-driven procurement
2. Self-service procurement

Cut Criteria

1. The Business Scenario is a software-independent end-to-end sequence of several Business Processes (and its Business Process Variants) triggering each other. It must make sense to follow this end-to-end process flow chain in a simulated business process monitoring or document flow. If a Business Process triggers another Business Process immediately this is a strong indicator for that both processes belonging to the same Business Scenario.
2. Business Processes of the Business Scenario should be linked via the process flow and not just be data prerequisites to execute the Business Process.

Illustration in ARIS
Business Scenario within the Business Process Map

Overview Business Scenarios

Business Process within a Business Scenario

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