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The replication of a new requested s-user can take up to 24 hours. If the request will not be processed after
this time, please open a customer message under XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR.


There doesn´t exsist an authorization profile for a superadministrator. The s-user with the most assigned authorizations is the superadministrator.

Please refer also to

Info User:

This are contact persons. This contacts were created whenever
a person from a company contact SAP.
For example:
Somebody called SAP regarding a licensekey issue. This way is to
make your work easier. So that do not need to enter the data
This is not a security problem, because just the data (like name)
will be maintained. This users do not receive an s-user
The superadministrator will see that contact persons under
You are also able to delete them there.
Furthermore users are able to request a Info-User.
Choosing this link
it is available on the SAP Servicemarketplace Startpage
This Info-Users do not have any authorization and just have limited
access to the Service Marketplace.

User Creation: