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SAP® MaxDB - Workload Monitor (ST03 or ST03N)


Moderators: Christiane Hienger

WIKI Space Editor: Thiago Lüttig.

Workload Monitor (Transaction ST03 or ST03N)

The ST03 Workload Monitor is the central access point for analyzing performance problems in the SAP system. ST03N is a revised version of transaction ST03. In current SAP Releases transaction ST03N replaces transaction ST03 and is automatically started when you enter transaction code ST03.
Here you can compare the performance values for all instances, and compare the performance of particular instances over a period of time. Due to the number of possible analysis views for the data determined in transaction ST03, you can quickly determine the cause of performance problems.
You can use the workload monitor to display the following, among other things:

  • Number of instances configured for your system
  • Number of users working on the different instances
  • Response time distribution
  • Distribution of workload by transaction steps, transactions, packages, subapplications, and applications
  • Transactions with the largest response times and database time
  • Memory usage for each transaction or each user per dialog step
  • Workload caused by RFC, broken down by transactions, function modules, and destinations
  • Number and volume of spool requests
  • Statistics about response time distribution, with or without the GUI time
  • Optional: table accesses
  • Workload and transactions used by users, broken down by users, accounting numbers, and clients
  • Workload generated by requests from external systems

Handy Hint

Calling up transaction ST03

  • Switch to advanced mode.
  • Choose an analysis period.
  • Choose an analysis view.
  • Look at the DB time. It should not be more than 40% of the response time.

The following are important analysis views in transaction ST03:

  • System load overview: general response time distribution across different task types
  • Time profile: How does the response time react over the day? Are there peak times with bad response times?
  • Transaction profile: Can you observe response time problems in general or only in certain transactions?

ST03 Workload Overview:

Handy Hint

Important information in ST03 are time and transaction profile as well.

In the Workload Monitor you can also determine which transactions have accessed which database tables and how often.

Since the number of statistics records greatly increases by logging table accesses of this type, this option is deactivated by default.

Be Careful

You should only activate it temporarily for individual analyses, and for individual transactions, since performance problems can occur in the statistics collector otherwise.

Refer to the SAP documentation in for more documentation on this transaction.

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