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Expenditure Certification (PSM-EC)


The Certification run will assign expenditures to available, allowed, and prefered funding retroactively and prepare a report to sponsors.


  • Retroactive assignement of expenses to one or more funding options
  • Automatic evaluation of available and preferred funding
  • Calculation of eligible expenditure amounts with taxes and other funding
  • Different methods for calculation of sponsor's contribution
  • Optional rework of proposed expenditure certification

Master Data

  • Financial Sources
  • Operation

Certification runs


Expenditure Certification is fully integrated with Funds Management (FM) and Financials (FI), and can be used with or without Grants Management (GM).

Release information

Expenditure Certification is part of the scenario Grants Managment for Grantee.
However, this solution can be used with or without having activated Grants Management.
Expenditure Certification has been released with SAP Enhancement Package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0

In order to implement Expenditure Certification, Business Function PSM_EXP_CERT has to be activated.

Technical prerequisites

Expenditure Certification is launched from SAP Enterprise Portal.

The note 1105694 contains useful information related to "Installing & upgrading info for Portal Content Enhancement".

Portal roles

Expenditure Certification comes with two portal roles :

  • Certification Manager : this role is dedicated to users which will review and manage the all process (master data maintenance, rules set up, certification approval)
    The certification manager manages the data for the project (such as budget, deadlines, links to financing sources, and the progress of the project), checks the budget consumption of the projects and financing sources, monitors all certificates and issues approval for a certification run.
  • Certification Accountant : this role cover the execution and control or rework of the certifications, without maintenance of the master data.
    The certification accountant executes the certification run for financing sources and forwards the provisional certification results to the people responsible for further checks; they also make manual changes in certifications and save the closing version of a certification.
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