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Solution overview

Get rid of paperbased inspection and service.
Follow inspections given by law for fire rated doors or other equipment.
Let your service technicians download all inspections and service orders on a mobile device like a PDA or Laptop. Give them a overview about their todo. Provide a checklist for the inspection. Let them record time and material consumption, take pictures of damages.

Use Cases

Service / Repair / Maintenance
get notifications for damages on the mobile device. See informations about equipment like characteristics, warranties, historic damages Capture time and material confirmations, causes for damages or order spare parts
legal requirement to inspect safety related assets within period of time, example: fire-rated and security doors track who performed the inspection and when
Measurement and counter reading
counter reading of water, gas, power,...

Benefits for the business

Keep service level agreements and legal regulations for inspection
Tracking of activities to fit legal requirements like inspection of security related assets
Direct data entry eliminates or decreases the need for paper based orders or counter reading.
This leads to improved data accuracy, no loss of data and reduces the total cycle time from job completion to invoice submission with associated cash flow benefits |

Technical Features

Runs online and offline, the data is stored on the device if no network connectivity is available
Online data lookups possible to check stock level or do a reservation for material
No Middleware needed like Mobile Infrastructure / DOE
this lowers the administration and development effort and so it lowers the TCO

delivery and requirements

Laptop and/or PDA (Windows Mobile <=6.5.x) version available.
A mobile application for service technicians always needs to be enhanced and tailored to the specific needs and work. This will be done by SAP Consulting or SAP Custom Development. It is also possible to do a training with the customer to enable him to do the enhancements by himself.
Backend System: R/3 4.6C or ERP 5.0 (PM/CS).


Frank Ahland or Udo Leutbecher from SAP Consulting germany
For contact send an eMail to



Video & Demonstration: 

watch and click through this video

read the demo script
contact us and get a webex showing the solution

Examplery screenshot laptop version:


Technical overview: