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Welcome to FI Localization Italy Wiki space

  • Initial steps in IT
    In this space we try to collect all necessary information and steps for Italian fiscal requisite covered by SAP standard for FI Localization for Italy
    The page is work in progress, so do not consider it complete
    His purpose is to provide an help for the main common helps related to Italian Localisation  
  • Transactions and Reports in IT

    ODN - XBLNR_ALT go to note 746162 and related
    For specific SD settings
    1498348 SD billing cancellation and Italian legal requirement
    1575749 SD billing and Italian legal requirement

    Split Payment
    Please consider Attachments contained into note 

    2117870 Split Payment 2015 - Customizing Solution
    The Split Payment is applicable to the Public Administration (identified by the subject previewed in the new article 17-ter del DPR633/1972), and to private companies identified by DM 50/2017.
    The payment split apply also to self-employer which is supplying services subjected to withholding tax.
    2616444 Split payment Italy - How to modify VAT amount

    New Legal Requirement 2017
    In order to clarify, there is 2 new fiscal requirement for Italy. 
    The situation is the following:

    Requirement 1. Comunicazione trimestrale dati fattura: DECRETO MILLEPROROGHE Emendamento 14.02.15 art. 4 comma 4 of DL 193/2016 have been replaced by the following: First semester:  within October 16th 2017 Second semester: within February 28th 2018

    Requirement 2. Liquidazione Iva trimestrale "Quarterly VAT Declaration”
    I° quarter: 12 june 2017;
    II° quarter: 18 september 2017;
    III° quarter: 30 november 2017;
    IV° quarter:  28 february 2018.

    For comunicazione trimestrale dati fattura (Requirement 1), notes
    2536524  Quarterly invoice declaration                  ---->      User guide with all preliminary steps and report run is attached.
    2485756 RFIDITINV: New quarterly invoice data declaration for Italy
    2494287 RFUMSV00: Incorrect output lines with non-deductible input tax
    2502477 RFIDITINV: Prerequisite objects for note 2485756
    2519357 RFIDITINV: Corrections for XML output and report syntax
    2523829 RFIDITINV: No XML file output in non-Unicode systems
    2526858 RFIDITINV: Incorrect tax rate format in the output and new selection parameter for document type
    2529151 RFIDITINV: Automatic file split and incorrect official document type in output 
    RFIDITINV: Deferred tax, partner modification, amount aggregation, and addition
    RFUMSV00: Call BaDI for country different from company code country
    2543860 RFIDITINV: Cancellation files, non-ISO country codes, one time customer from SD, and document base sum incorrect
    2550999 RFUMSV00: Reverse charge with non-deductible input tax
    Italy - Usage of fields STCD1, STCD2 and STCEG into Customer / Vendor master data   (Info note)
    2558748 RFIDITINV: Simplified blocking and deletion of customer / vendor master data - Interface Note
    2572991 RFIDITINV: Simplified blocking and deletion of customer / vendor master data
    RFIDITINV: Fiscal Representatives for Customer and Supplier Invoices
    RFIDITINV: Incorrect Reporting of First and Last Name in S/4HANA
    2639490 Italy: RFIDITINV legal changes 2018

    2674193 RFIDITINV - File cannot be downloaded as report created invalid path
    2701256 RFIDITINV: Wrong country code for business partner with greek tax identification
    2768583 RFIDITINV: New selection parameter "Country" 
    2848564 RFIDITINV: Incorrect classification of documents for reverse charge scenario with zero tax rate
    2852994 RFIDITINV: File download to local path
    2895848 RFIDITINV: Incorrect fiscal identification of business partner with non-EU VAT registration number
    2903956 Error while downloading data file in xml, Invoice Data Declaration
    2987059 RFIDITINV - New values and length of "Nature of Operation Code" effective from 1.1.2021
    2997049 RFIDITINV - Prerequisite Objects for SAP Note 2987059

     For Requirement 2. following notes have been released
    2470690 Quarterly Vat declaration   ---->      User guide with all preliminary steps and report run is attached.
    2470594  Italy: Periodic VAT Return as of 2017
    2473632 Technical note
    2521068 FOTV: Allow multiple selection for download for Italy
    2519286 Italy: Periodic VAT Return as of 2017 one XML file for three months
    2526407 FOTV: Potential dump due to unassigned field for country Italy
    2567162  Italy: Quarterly Vat Declaration - FOTV empty or Download problem  (Info note)
    2639626 Object type CL_IM_DMEE_BADI_01_UTF8 does not exist
    2635078 Italy: FOTV legal changes 2018

    2664621 Italy - VAT create VP8 when no other entries

    Please also consider attachments into note like Guidelines

    DL 50 / 2017   art 2 VAT CREDIT - RFUMSV00
    The credit vat should be in place within the new presentation date of vat declaration (April 30th 2018) and should be included there. 
    2572485 DL 50/2017  art 2 VAT CREDIT DEDUCTION

    ACR Report  IT_VAT_DCL  

    2560514 Italy: VAT Return with Advanced Compliance Reporting
    2655938 Italy: VAT Return Legal Change 2018 for ACR Report IT_VAT_DCL
    2845008 S/4H ACR IT VAT TDT CD 2002
    2868848 ACR Report IT_VAT_DCL - mapping adjustments



  1. Former Member

    Really watching this page for completion.

  2. Hi Sam
    Italian fiscal requirement are always updated year by year, so it is quite complex give a complete overview and keep updated thsi page for all necessary info.
    I recommend you to follow the following procedure in order to receive all latest news about Italian Fiscal Requirement for FI component
    Go to “ One Support Launchpad “ and make the app “Announcement of Legal Change” icon visible 
    Check note 2382863 How to use Legal Change Announcement  app in SAP One Support Launchpad

    Thanks for your feedback
    Kind Regards
    Davide Zurloni
    SAP Product Support

  3. Former Member

    Dear Davide Piermario Zurloni,

    about Requirement 1 (new spesometro 2017):

    new requirement from AdE on how to fill the XML file tags <idPaese> and <idCodice>. Today the XML generated

    by report RFIDITINV is not correct because does not manage extra-UE customer as required by AdE,

    Please read on AdE site:

    or here:


    Kind Regards,

    Davide Tognon



  4. Former Member


    note 2529151,  did not solve for me this issue - - Usage of user_field_1 in customer own implementations of BAdIs in RFUMSV00 leads to wrong assignment of customer/supplier--

    I have wrong assignment of vendor code , replaced with customer code that share same number in master data (even if they are not linked) on national  incoming invoices with installment payments , and they are classified from rfiditinv as TD04 instead of TD01 .  Other documents of same vendor , same doc type and same vat code are extracted correctly (but they dont have installment payment)

    Massimiliano Brizi

  5. new note
    2538580 RFIDITINV: Deferred tax, partner modification, amount aggregation, and addition

    has been released

  6. Hi, 

    we need to change document number in xml for SD facture, because in xml has document number fi (bkpf-belnr) and we need to write vbrk-xbelnr in dmee. However, I don´t find to place where to make the change. Anybody know?

    Thanks in advance!


  7. Hi,

    how do you handle EU vendor invoices not VAT taxable (purchase of transport services)? SAP derives the document type TD11 from the tax code N6, but such invoices have tax code N3 and therefore they get document type TD01.

    The AdE checks the vendor nation against the document type and descardes such records!

    Thanks for suggestions.



  8. Hello! Someone kindly give a hand to solved the following issues related issues?

    I'm analisyng the XML file but the column and lines doesn''t match with the message class from the Italian Portal. I don't have access for that so I'm a little blind.


    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    Kind Regards

    Gaspar Cetuné

    Bs. As. - Argentina