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How to find SAP ME 5.2 license information (Active users)?


This section explains the changes and some tips for viewing the lience information.

How to find SAP ME 5.2 license information (Active users)?

In Earlier Version of SAP ME (Earlier than SAP ME 5.2) The below link was used to view the Active users and Lience information.


Hostname : Actual Hostname of Server

Port: Port number

Now for SAP ME 5.2 the link is as below:


Some Tips:

1. It the link Run independentaly (If the user is not logged in to the SAP ME 5.2) The user have to enter the login credentials to view the information.

     This step consumes one liecence extra.

2. It is easy to use this URL as a work instruction URL and attach it to some resource/ Operation  in Work Instruction maintenance.

3. Using the standard POD with input of the resource and Operation we can view this information anytime in Workinstruction viewer. (Do not requires additional Licence)

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  1. Hi Pushkar,

    Very good information. Do you know how licenseinfo.jsp is found in SAP ME 6.0?