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Question: Do I need a real device (iPad, iPhone) or is it sufficient to just work with the emulator?


There are multiple features that are not emulated with the curent iOS SDK. Here is a list:

  • make calls (click on linked phone numbers)
  • getting a feel of the touch navigation
  • 2 finger limitation on simulator
  • geo location (only available with 3G devices; SDK offers only a limited feature, like a fixed location)
  • accelerometer
  • SMS messages
  • experiencing the installation from App store
  • camera
  • microphone
  • differences in rendering: some features from OpenGL ES (3D graphics library) are slightly different
  • testing performance differences and device/app behaviour with wifi and 3G connections
  • different frameworks: simulator on Mac OS X use low level system frameworks, instead of actual device frameworks
  • different hardware and memory

And especially in an SAP environment, there are things that are very important, that an emulator cannot emulate:

  • receiving push notifications (from an SAP system)

Summary: if you need to use these features for your app, it's recommended to use a real device.

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