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Question: How can I certify my iPhone/iPad app with SAP?


There are several certification options for mobile applications (though not necessarily yet focused on iPhone/iPad apps. Here is a link to the Integration & Certification Center.

In the category of a generic mobile application, such as an iPhone/iPad app, SAP certifies the application based on its integration to SAP. Many times, such applications also leverage their own server components that can be deployed on SAP NetWeaver (Java and/or ABAP). If not deployed on SAP NetWeaver, at the very least such a server component establishes an SAP interface and facilitates the communication to the application(s) running on the device.

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  1. Hello !

    First of all, thank you Mario for sharing this information! Secondly, as a member of SAP's Integration and Certification Center (ICC), I would like to add that starting February 2012, ICC is offering the Mobile App Certification which allows ISV/Partners to certify mobile solutions developed using SAP's Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP). This certification will qualify ISV/Partners for listing on the SAP Store for Mobile Apps, the only enterprise app store by SAP. More information is available here or contact SAP ICC directly if you have questions (  

    Cheers !