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Customize Setings

  • Start transaction SPRO and go through the settings under Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Enterprise Search Integration
  • At "Specify Software Components for Template Transfer" the entry "BBPCRM" has to be maintained
  • With a virtualized system I've used this settings in "Define Settings for Parallel Extraction":
Server Group         parallel_generators
Maximum Tasks        4
Maximum Resubm.      200
Task Timeout Limit   10
Package Size         100

If no Server Group does  exist you can maintain it in Transaction SM61 and SMLG.

  • Adjust table CRMPAROLTP according to SAP Note: 1736193 - CRM ES: data missing in Enterprise Search TREX indices. The following shows an example for some popular business objects:

  • To extract all objects it is important to run the extraction with a user that has authorisation to every business object. By default the extraction processes are executed with the authorization of the user that startet the extract. In transaction ESH_EXTR_USER a different user can be defined. 

Index Objects

  •  Start transaction ESH_COCKPIT which can be found in Architecture and Technology -> Enterprise Search Integration -> Tools -> ES Administration Cockpit when you have assigned CRM_MENU as your start menu in transaction SU3
  • Click on create and choose the object you want to have indexed. And click on "Create Connector"
  • Be patient and click the "Refresh" button until the list of objects in status new is empty and switch to the list with status All
  • Choose the Object which should now be in status "Prepared" and click "Actions" -> "Schedule Indexing"
  • Confirm the start of the indexing by clicking OK
  • Depending on the number of Objects that have to be indexed this can take a while. Click the "Refresh" button to see the status

Troubleshoot Indexing

When you get the error "Initialization of parallel process failed; check server group setting" Message Class/No: CRM_ES_EXTRACTION 018 then check if the Server Group you've defined in the customizing "Define Settings for Parallel Extraction" works in transaction SPBT when you define this Server group and click the Init PBT env. button.

Test successful indexing

You can use the test report ESH_TEST_SEARCH to see if the indexing was correctly executed and you get search results.

Customize Central Search

In SPRO at  Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Central Search add this entry

Nav Bar Profile      SLS-PRO
Object Type          BP_ACCOUNT
Object Action        H
UI Component Name    CRM_ES_UI_APPL
Search View
Search Context Node
Dynamic Search       CRM_ACCOUNT_ESSearch
Search Criteria

to enable the full text search in accounts.

Attention: The Object Action field can only be filled using the F4 Help of the Object Type field.

Also make sure that at Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Business Roles -> Define Buness Role the central search configured in the step before is enabled.

Activate SICF Services

For the search is accounts make sure that the service bp_head_search is enabled in SICF. If you want to enable other services you can find out the services that have to be activated when you enable the SICF Client Request Recording and look for HTTP messages "Access denied".


The result of the customizing settings can be found in the Central Search of the CRM WebUI. When you click on the search options you should see the entry "Free Text" under Accounts:

Additional Information

  • There is a Userparameter CRM_CENTRAL_SEARCH with value REBUILD_MENU for the Administrator to avoid caching-issues.
  • If you have problem that users don't get any search result, it could be that they don't have the needed authorization or the Index USER_AUTHORITY is not up-to-date. To rebuild the Index USER_AUTHORITY for all users you need to open the table ESH_AU_USR_UPD in SE16 and add a new line where only ALL_USER_FLAG is set to X.

Enhance Embedded Search with custom fields

Check out the guide Configuring CRM Enterprise Search 7.0 from the SAP Service Marketplace on how to enhance the Embedded Search for SAP CRM.


  1. Hi,

    I was trying to set this up for Service Request, but the transaction CRM_BUS2000223,  is not available in the list of templates, so I cannot create the connector. Does anyone know if I can import it or would I have to create the structure ?

    best regards


  2. Hi Michael,

    I think you should open an SAP Support Message in the Component CRM-BTX-ES and ask SAP if they will provide this business object in the future. If they will not provide it please ask for the documentation how to enable the object on your own. Let us know about the results.

    Best regards

  3. Hi,

    There was no other way than to implement it ourselves, SAP informed that it is not possible to activate part of an EHP. SAP suggested reviewing note which explains how the standard CRM search works.

    We have created a template for the Service Request (SR) and created the connector in Enterprise Search and it is working well. We have one issue with the hit list, which I have reported to SAP. Instead of returning for example 3 hits it returns the same SR 3 times.


  4. Former Member

    This is great feature which is receiving good feedback as we are testing this in our Q systems, primarily with opportunities.  One item we noticed is items outside of notes / text get included in the results which is great (example employee responsible, or the priority descriptions) but many other out of the box fields do not seem to get included (user status description) or Z fields that were created for the project.

    In short how to determine what elements are searchable? and or how to extend.  In creating a new element in the web ui there doen't appear to be anything to set in defining the element.


  5. Dear Glen,

    please check out this guide Configuring CRM Enterprise Search 7.0 on how to enhance the Embedded Search for SAP CRM. You will also find out where you can lookup which attributes are already searchable.

    Best regards

  6. Former Member

    Hey Gregor,

    thank you, for your very helpfully documentation.

    Best Regards


  7. Former Member



    I'm desesperatly trying to make "All objects" sub-menu appear in Central Search, with no success so far. I made the configuration so that "Contact" and "Account" appear, but can't make "All objects" appear 


    Here is the configuration i put in place in SPRO > CRM > UI Framework > Technical Role Definition > Define Central Search:


    Nab Bar ProfileObject TypeObj. ActionUI Component NameSearch ViewExternal Object Name


    What did I did wrong?


    Notice that I had to define both "H" and "F" settings for accounts and contact, although according to the documentation only H are required. Otherwise accounts and contacts search didn't appear.


    Thanks in advance for your help!


    PS: there is some server side caching mechanism that implies that when I change something in SPRO changes are not immediatly reflected in the web UI. How can I avoid this? Is there a way to clear the cache (I tried with transaction SMICM  > Goto > HTTP Plug-In > Server Cache > Invalidate Globally).

  8. Former Member

    In the Account Search (model CRM_ACCOUNT) have a company with name org 1 =  ABCDEF Inc

    searching ABC or ABCDEF does not return the account but ABC* or ABCDEF* will return the account

    Is there  a way to control that contains should be considered for certain fields? since the Account Search component BP_HEAD_SEARCH offers contains for Name1

    apologies if asked before but was not finding a similar post on SCN or any OSS messages



    1. Hi Glenn,

      I think when you implement the TREX based embedded search you should be able to find the account with Name1 "ABCDEF Inc" by searching ABCDEF in the full text search.

      Best regards

      1. Former Member

        Hi Gregor,

              I agree that is our desire but not seeing that result  Standard CRM_ACCOUNT template & Trex / EhP3 SP09

        I was going to insert some images from our dev system showing ABC returns 2 hits where ABC* returns 7 hits on component CRM_ES_UI_APPL. I will open a oss message and update when I find the answer



      2. Former Member

        SAP Note 2025135 - CRM_ACCOUNT template modification in ESH_MODELER

        after EhP1 the contains on account name got left out, EhP2 works at the right SP level, for EhP3 apply the note