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The purpose is to make values of the field Assignment (BSEG-ZUONR) acceptable and findable in system.


This wiki page shows how to become the values of the field Assignment (BSEG-ZUONR) acceptable and findable in system after this field has been set as a special field in table T021S.


Before add the field Assignment (BSEG-ZUONR) as special field, you must apply SAP note  676338

SAP note 676338  is a modification that requires code modification and definition of special field BSEG-ZUONR and changes in ALV layout.

If the account is a reconciliation account, you will need SAP note 676338.
If you display multiple split lines, implement the SAP note 1237389.


  1. In the main screen of FAGLL03 you see at the bottom of the page the List Output group. Choose the apropriate layout. 
  2. For saving this layout, when viewing the results of FAGLL03, you click on Settings -> Layout -> Current.
  3. Press Ctrl+right-click mouse button, or Crtl+Shif+F6, to display the technical names.
  4. Add 1-U_ZUONR and copy it to layout. You can save this layout to be used in step1.

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