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The following pages provide an overview about the various phases of an SAP NetWeaver IDM project. They provide guidelines about the implementation tasks associated with the corresponding phases and where to find documentation about each task.



Documents / Resources                                                                                                  


1. Determine landscape

Product overview
- Product Availability Matrix (SMP login required)
- SAP NetWeaver IdM 7.2: Master Guide

- SAP NetWeaver IdM Identity Center: Installation Overview (SMP login required)

- SAP NetWeaver IdM 7.1/7.2 - Sizing Guide (SMP login required)
- Identity Center - Minimum System Requirements

Upgrading from Identity Management 7.1
- SAP NetWeaver IdM 
- Migrating from Identity Management 7.1 to 7.2
(SMP login required)

- Identity Management for SAP Systems - Upgrading from Identity Management 7.1 to 7.2
- Tools and templates
- SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Using the Configuration Analyzer  

- SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Configuration Analyzer

- SAP NetWeaver IdM Implementation Guide - Transport

Disaster recovery
- Identity Center - Disaster Recovery

Take into account:

  • Platform dependencies
  • Sizing requirements
  • Licensing
  • Transport landscape (development, quality, productive systems)

2. Define roles and responsibilities for the identity management implementation project

Customer-specific resources

This is an organizational step. Make sure you know who is responsible for which tasks within the implementation project.

3. Define business roles

Customer-specific resources

In this step, define your business roles. The more comprehensive that you are in this step, the more time you will save during and after the implementation.

4. Determine necessary frameworks and connectors to use in the landscape

- SAP NetWeaver IdM 7.2: Master Guide
- SAP NetWeaver IdM: IDM Connector Overview
- SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Provisioning Framework
for SAP Systems: Architectural Overview

- Compliant Provisioning Using SAP Access Control: Architectural Overview
- Compliant Provisioning Using SAP Access Control - GRC 10.0
Provisioning Framework Version 2: Architectural Overview

- Identity Services - Architectural Overview


5. Determine the leading system for attributes

Customer-specific resources
- Identity Management for SAP System Landscapes: Configuration Guide
SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Provisioning Framework
for SAP Systems Version 2: Configuration Guide

See section Limitations and Considerations for each of the various use cases and connector types.

You may have multiple leading systems for different attributes, for example, SAP HCM for HR attributes and a telephone directory for telephone numbers. For each attribute, it should be clear which system is the leading system for the data to use.

6. Determine customer-specific requirements for:

  • Workflows and other processes

  • Reporting

  • Custom development / extending the implementation

Customer-specific resources
For information about the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver IDM for each of these areas, see:
- Identity Center - Provisioning
- Identity Center - Working with Roles and Privileges
- Identity Center - Implementing Role Approvals
- Identity Center - Self-Service Password Reset
- Identity Center - Tutorial Implementing context-based role assignments
- Identity Reporting Using SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
- How To Create Reports with SAP NetWeaver Identity Management
- SAP NetWeaver Identity Management - Identity Provider
- SAP NetWeaver Identity Management - Security Token Service
- Extending the Provisioning Framework for SAP Systems
- Identity Center - Extension Framework
- Identity Center - MS Active Directory Password Hook
- SAP NetWeaver IdM - UWL Integration
- Identity Center - Identity Store Schema


7. Create a plan for migrating old processes / products

CUA migration


8. Define the authorization concept for operating and managing SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

- Security Guide (SMP login required)

Determine which tasks require which authorizations and set up the authorization concept accordingly. For example, you might want to set up different authorizations for user and identity management, database management, or system management.

All resources are valid for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Release 7.2 unless otherwise indicated.

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