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The purpose of this content is to provide some guidance and possible system logic about error FV151.


As you know the reason for the error message lies in the file. One completed MT942 bank statement or a completed end node of a statement must end with a row with a hyphen "-".

When does the issue appear

Uploading bank statement file 'file format MT942' in FF.5 ( Program RFEBKA00 ) you receive the following error message: "Termination in statement no. xxxx of acct xxxxxxx; closing record 62F missing". ( FV 151 )


Some banks don't deliver this hyphen, which is incorrect. You need to add the hyphen there, you can do it manually or via enhancement. 

This is only an example of the file ( MT942 can have another segments not mentioned in the image below ) :

P.S. Remember that for MT942 the format S and the flag "Account Balance" must be selected. It's shown in the image below: