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This is happened in idoc creation (EDI).

Whe process output for document,  we may get the error:

Maintain outgoing EDI-connection data for partner XXXX

Message no. VN032


The system could not locate the EDI partner agreements (outbound) for partner XXXX.

System Response

You cannot use transmission medium 'EDI' with this partner.


Maintain the EDI partner agreements for partner XXXX. Make sure to create entries for output control as well as for outbound parameters.

* XXXX is defined in the partner profile by WE20.

To this XXXX partner, there are two setup are needed to solve the issue in WE20:

1 . Partner Role is required ( like LS for Logical system).

2. in Message Control tab, an Apllication/Message Type/Process code record is required as well. The message Type is actually the output type.