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You want to get started with analyzing a CBS issue you are facing.


CSB, troubleshooting, NWDI.


Upon CBS error, there are several steps that you have to take:

  • Check the build log for problems as described in item (NWDI)(CBS)Q0034
  • If no build log exists, check the request log why there was no build.
    Open the CBS Web UI and click on the Requests link at the top. Search for the request using e.g. the request ID. (Make sure you have selected the right buildspace).
    See also item (NWDI)(CBS)Q0038 for further hints.

Below further analysis steps are described to narrow the issue

1 Missing Dependencies

Check the use dependencies of the DC to be built. If use dependencies are missing, have them created. Item (NWDI)(CBS)Q0031 provides additional hints.

2 Use of Broken DCs

For analysis of broken DCs refer to item (NWDI)(CBS)Q0030 as starting point.

2.1 Check the use of broken DCs in the request log in the CBS Web UI.

If broken DCs are used, normally their owner will fix this.

2.2 If this is not fixed, find out the reason for the state of the used DC:

  • Open the CBS Web UI and navigate to the "Development Components" pane.
  • Enter the name and vendor of the broken component and select the corresponding buildspace.
  • In the result view, click on the component's name. The details of the component are shown.
  • Click on the entry in the "Request Number" column and in the request details on "Request Log".

3 Check-In of Folders Containing Generated Content

Folders named gen contain generated content and therefore shall not be checked in to the DTR.

  • Check the check-in of the gen folder in the request log in the CBS Web UI.
  • If the gen folder has been checked in, have it removed by its owner.

4 Cyclic Use Dependencies

Cyclic dependencies between DCs are not allowed.

  • In the request log in the CBS Web UI, check the DC to be built for cyclic dependencies.
  • If cyclic dependencies have been created, have the DC’s owner remove them. (Doing this might involve splitting one of the used DCs into two DCs.

5 Communication Problems with the DTR

  • Check the request log in the CBS Web UI.
  • If there were communication problems with the DTR, have the user activate his or her changes again.
  • If the problem still is not solved, check the state of the DTR.