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The system writes data that has the processing status 30 (Approved) or 60 (canceled) from the database table CATSDB to the interface tables . This data is then available for transfer to the HR target component.

PTEX2000 (interface Table for Attendance/Absences Infotypes 2002/2001) and PTEX2010 (interface Table for EE Remuneration info. Infotype 2010 ) contain the time sheet data that you can transfer to Human Resources and generate infotypes record in IT2002, IT2001 and IT2010 from the transfered records.

The important fields in the interface tables are:

  •  AWKEY   ->  Object  key -> Correspond to the BELNR field in CATSDB table.
  •  STOKZ    ->  Cancelation Indicator -> A record is assigned a cancelation indicator when it has the processing status 60 (canceled).
  •  AWART   ->  Attendance/ Absence tye -> Field in table PTEX2000. Specifies the attendance or absence type for the recorded hours.
  •  LAGART  ->  Wage Type  -> Field in table PTEX2010. Contains the wage type for the record. 
  •  DATUM1  ->  Date -> Specifies the date on which the record was written to the interface table.
  •  DATUM2  ->  Date -> Specifies the date of the record's initial transfer to Human Resources.
  •  DATUM3  ->  Date -> Specifies the date on which the record was last accessed.
  •  DATUM4  ->  Date -> Specifies the date of the record's first successful transfered to Human Resources.
  •  STATU2/STATU3  -> Status -> The system assings a record in PTEX2000/2010 as a log status for the first and last transfer. This status can be used to know whne the transfer was  correct or if any errors occurred.  The system assig the following statuses:  
                  Value  0 or blank.  The record is new and it has not yet been transfered.

                                Value  1.  The record  has been successfully transfered.

                                Value  2.  Errors occured during transfer; The recors could not be posted.

                                Value  3.  Record is locked.

                                Value  4.  A record has been canceled. The original and chnaged (canceled) record cancel  each other out. they are not transfered but remain in the interface table.

  • The same above information is true for the fields UNAME1-4 (User) and PGMID1-4 (program).

Table PTEXDIR is a directory table. The system uses it to check whether the combination of Logical system of source (LOGSYS), reference procedure (AWTYP), and key (AWKEY) is unique. if the combination is not unique, the system excludes the relevant records from the transfer. The system does not transfer data from PTEXDIR to other components.

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