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Forward Error Handling means that the user of an Enterprise Service can “fire” a message and then go on. This concept is equivalent with the concept of “loose coupling” explained in the SAP Guidelines for Best Built Applications:  “The receiving system must not send an error to the calling system if that error could be handled closer to the receiving system“.

Error and Conflict Hander (ECH)

ECH is a framework located in ABAP package FS_ECH which is part of any stack including SAP_BS_FND with release >= 7.01 and additionally in SAP NetWeaver release 7.11 and 7.30 (located in SAP_ABA). It uses parts of local PI runtime in every AS ABAP and another software component called post processing office (PPO) which is located in package /SAPPO/MAIN in software component SAP_ABA.

SAP Documentation

There is the following official

Information on SCN

Weblog series by Tobias Trapp:

Weblog series by Michal Krawczyk (based on ERP Ehp 4)

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