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A common issue raised by customers is that the EWA in DSWP is found with a RED FLAG, and are not sure how to trouble shoot this problem.

A Red Flag on a scheduled EWA indicates there is a problem on the managed/satellite system

If you click on Session 1000000000206, which is Red Flagged, it wants to take you to the Satellite, where the problem is located, and this is confirmed with the options presented.

Here you can 1) Call SDCCN or 2) Got Back ….so you want to go to the satellite.

You may require a separate logon, depending how the system has been configured. Otherwise
You should be able to logon from the button ‘ Call Service Data Control Center’

Open the log and check for errors…in this case we are looking at the EWA SDCCN task log

Notes can be checked for problems with functional modules: i.e. DLD_SQL_STMTS_ORA: Time limit Exceeded.

There can be any number of errors in the SDCCN tasks logs. This is just one such example. And they may occur in the Maintenance Package Task which performs a refresh Definitions and Refresh session task, so if those tasks fail, the EWA SDCCN tasks will not be created.

The other thing that is a common cause is the RFC is not working.

Perhaps a Dialog user was selected for the RFC user instead of a communication user, so the password ages, expires and is changed, but not in the RFC itself, so it locks the user with multiple attempts to logon with an invalid password.

Ensure the SM_<SID>CLNT<nnn>_BACK RFC is selected as Master in SDCCN RFC Destinations.

While there can be other causes, like the task processor is halted, the most common reasons the EWA will get a red rating is one of the required SDCCN tasks on the Satellite system has encountered errors and has failed, or dependent SDCCN tasks were not performed, or the RFC is not functioning for one of several possible reasons.

Addition Notes: 781680 - SDCC/ SDCCN - Problems with function modules

                          763561 -  Service Data Control Center (SDCCN)  - FAQ

                          824521 - SDCCN: Authorizations or RFC destinations are missing

Activating EWA [

One additonal point. If the service session cannot be opened in DSA on Solution Manager (i.e. there is a short dump) the refresh session task that runs on the Managed system, will not pull

back that service sessions, and the SDCCN log will show no errors, and have no sessions. So if all configuration looks good and the Managed system Refresh Session Task pulls no sessions, then you need to check the session can be read in DSA. If it dumps, it can't be read, and the dump will need to be resolved first.

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