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Queries failed with errors like "Error executing physical plan: AttributeEngine : ov6944", "The following error 6,944 occured in BIA server" and "Error executing physical plan: AttributeEngine: overflow in numberic calculation".

You can also see this error in RSRV Consistency Checks (exhaustive).


This is the result of a wrong attribute type definition. While each single attribute entry might still fit into the attribute type, the aggregation result causes an overflow.

Copy the python script to the following two locations:

  • /usr/sap/<SID>/TRX<NR>/exe/python_support
  • /usr/sap/<SID>/exe/nuc/<platform>/python_support

To be able to identify the attribute, you can use the script

  1. Open a command prompt on your TREX/BIA host
  2. Execute in /usr/sap/<SID>/TRX<NR>
    "export ./" in bash
    "source TREXSetting.csh" in c-shell
    "TREXSettings.bat" on windows
  3. in directory /usr/sap/<SID>/TRXy<NR>/exe/python_support, execute the script with "python <index/cube-name>"


After the script has finished, a summary with information about the all measures will be displayed. Here, you can see how many of them are fine and how many have caused an overflow.

For example, if you run against infocube 0TCT_C01, you can see following result if tctdbtrans is overflow.

[47787947584368, 2.029] --------
[47787947584368, 2.029] - Measures TOTAL: 10
[47787947584368, 2.029] - Measures OK: 9
[47787947584368, 2.029] - Measures FAILED: 1
[47787947584368, 2.030] - MeasureNmae: tctdbtrans
[47787947584368, 2.030] - MeasureType: INTEGER
[47787947584368, 2.030] - AggregationType: SUM
[47787947584368, 2.030] - ReturnCode: 6944
[47787947584368, 2.030] - Message: Error executing physical plan: AttributeEngine: overflow in numeric calculation;BwPopAggregate pop3(bwq_bi0:f0tct_c01~parts:002en),in executor::Executor in cube: bwq_0tct_c01
[47787947584368, 2.030] -------------------------------------------------
[47787947584368, 2.030] << ending check4Overflow, rc = 0 (RC_TEST_OK), after 2.029 secs

After you get the attribute name, you can proceed with re-modeling the cube respectively.


You can also refer to SAP Note 1425555 for more details. The can also be downloaded from this SAP Note.