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In Transaction RSDDBIAMON2 you get the following message, where xx is less than 100:

BI Accelerator services are xx percent available.

Message no. RSDD_ZA279

An example: The system reports only 75% availability.
However, all services are running and no other symptoms can be observed.


The system keeps a "snapshot" of services that should be running. If a blade has been removed from the landscape (or for what ever other reasons) this list of services can contain too many servers. Then, when comparing this list with the actually running services the system detects less than 100% availability.

This list of services can be found here:
Standalone TREXAdmin Tool -> tab "Landscape: Tree", in the tree: "topology" -> "globals" -> "landscape_snapshot".

Here we see eight entries, two for each blade, so a total of four blades. However, only three blades are active on this system. Since the check expects four blades, we get a calculated availability of 75%, like shown in the screenshot above.


  1. You may use the functionality "Reset Landscape" in transaction TREXADMIN.

    This will rewrite the landscape_snapshot and thus get the correct values from the currently active services

  2. Or you may delete the entries manually in the Standalone TREXAdmin Tool. Make sure to delete only entries that refer to servers that really do not exist anymore.
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