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How to retrieve the adobe forms in xMII?
Introduction: Adobe forms are developed in ABAP and that are converted into xString. In xMII, we are getting that xString and populate the data according to the input data is given dynamically.
BLS Screen for this transaction:
Following are the steps involved in Logic Editor for creating the above Business Logic Transaction:

@ Create a SAP JCO Interface action in the first sequence.

@ Go to Action -> Configure. Give the SAP RFC (which returns xString for the  given input) name in the Web Service Details. Click Ok.

@ Go to Transaction -> Properties. Add the input fields (which are used to pass the input parameters to the RFC).

@ Go to Link Editor. Map the transaction properties to the corresponding import parameters of that RFC and close the link editor.

@ Add another sequence and create image saver action.

@ Go to Action -> Configure. Give the path name to store the PDF file. Path should contain the name of the PDF also.

    For e.g. C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Demo\Doc.pdf

@ Go to Action -> Links. Map the xString parameter of the RFC with EncodedImage property of the Image Saver. Close Link Editor.

@ Save the transaction and execute it. Finally, we can check with static data by setting the transaction property, and creation of query

     template allows for dynamic one. 

The above picture shows the output of a transaction; which gives the details regarding purchase requisition.

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  1. Hi There,

    Please try accessing them using below mentioned links. Also, I have attached the pictures too.

    BLS Screen for this transaction: