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Video Tutorials

Select the tutorial you are interested in and don't forget to press the play button at the bottom of the videoplayer window, its a bit hidden depending on your physical screen size.





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  1. thx for the hint. I checked but for me it was working. could you please check again?

  2. ye, erorr still exists on different browsers

    error 107: net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. SSL protocol error

  3. Thaks for you video tutorials, they are very useful.

    BTW, can I download initial script for self monitoring that generated by EEM initial setup in Solman?

    I want to adopt this script in EEM Editor for other systems in landscape.

  4. Hi Iurii,

    yes, you can download any script that you see in the setup UIs into the Editor. Just connect the editor to Solution Manager, create an empty project and then use "Import from Repository" in the context menu.

    best regards

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for video tutorial shared, seems helpful to start with basics (smile). But lot more the explore.

    One query for SAPGUI editing; as in the example login to the SAP system and logout was not included in the script. You entered system login detials like instance number, server, client etc. but the script is meant to run across many SAP systems may be of the same technical scenario. 

    How will we be able to save the login credentials and system information used for login to ALL the SAP system.. for N number for systems (where this script is actually be executed).

    Thanks to revert with the suggestion.



  6. Former Member




    the link Editing SAPGUI Script for EEM 7.1SP1 is still not working.

    Can someone edit the link or send me another Link.


    1. Hi Mirko,

      the video is still online and available. Unfortunately the URL in service marketplace was too long to be parsed correctly by wiki engine. I had to use an URL shortener to get a tiny link for the videofile.


      I am quite sure your browser security is not happy to call URL and being forwarded to the looooooong original URL:





  7. Former Member


    the GUI edit script is not working for me.

    Error 'This page can't be displayed'

    Same for the long link from last post

    Can you please check again.

    Many thanks





  8. The link "Editing SAPGUI Script for EEM 7.1SP1" is still not working.

    The there an other way to see that editing?

    best regards


  9. Hi,


    links doesnt work anymore, probably the change of interface of SAP.. could you please check the links again..