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This is a problem that I find is being encountered time and time again.

A system is added to the Solution, however when the Solution is used be it to create an EWA Report or an SLR report, or any other function that uses a solution, the added system is not available when you try to use the solution.

We take the following solution as an example:

Solution MOPZ

TD5 has been added to the solution – it is not type Production – Note the Type production is highlighted Green, but the newly added system is not.

Go to DWP to configure the EWA

Click on Create

TD5 is not available even though it was added to the solution?

But if you notice only Production systems are highlighted green. This is a visual confirmation that the status is “Put in Solution”. This status is assigned automatically only to systems of the type “Production” other system types need to be manually “Put in Solution”.

Switch to Change/Edit Mode and right-click on the system and select “Put in Solution”.

Now the status has changed to “Put in Solution” – we can confirm this with the visual queue, the green highlighted cell.

Now we save our changes. All the systems now have the status “Put in Solution”.

Now we run the transaction DSWP with different results.

Now we can see here the system we had added -  TD5. It is now available for use, because we changed the status to “Put in Solution”.  So remember any system that is not type ‘Production” will not be assigned this status automatically, and has to be explicitly set in the solution.

Once this is done the system is available for use, be it by EWA, BPM or any other functions that use the solution. If this is not done, the system will not be available for use, even though it can clearly be seen added into the Solution. The key here is non-production types must have status “Put in Solution