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What is the Network for R&D and Engineering ?

The SAP Customer Network for R&D and Engineering (RD&E) is a business community of practice for R&D Executives and business experts of selected SAP customers. The purpose of the network is to facilitate the exchange of customer success, innovation and best practices – beyond software between senior business experts The network events are proven opportunities for high value customer interactions. The RD&E Network helps customers become and remain Best-Run Businesses.

Typical Business Process in scope of the network  are:

  • Product Innovation & New Product Development
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Product Data Analytics
  • Product Development Costing 
  • Product Variant and Configuration Management 
  • Project and Portfolio Management 
  • Resource Management 
  • Hand Over to Manufacturing 
  • Document Management  and CAD Intgeration 
  • Mechatronics 
  • Collaborative Product Development

Benefits of becoming a member ?

  • Hear from other peers, how they used SAP’s PLM Solution successfully to improve the performance of their development teams and to enable new business processes
  • Learn about best practices in the domain of R&D and how they can be successfully applied in your organization
  • Understand which R&D tools are provided by SAP and how they can be utilized by R&D and engineering teams
  • Understand how similar industries are using SAP Solutions and learn from their best practices
  • Get the chance to talk to global players and learn from their insights and experiences
  • Discuss with other customers and elaborate jointly on trends and challenges in R&D
  • Get connected to Solution Experts and Architects to better understand solution capabilities
  • Provide input and influence strategic direction of SAP’s PLM Solution

How does the RD&E Network relate to other communities ?

The Network for R&D and Engineering is mainly focused on discussing Business Processes relevant for Product Development and Engineering Departments. The primary goal is to exchange best practices and experiences among customers when it comes to realizing these processes primarily through the uses SAP's Solution Portfolio but not necessarily limited to.  The Network follow the guiding principle of "Customers talking to Customers", facilitating a lively community of business process experts providing insights into Usage Scenarios across industries´, company sizes and regions.

Where as there are other communities focusing on roll-in of requirements, specifyingproduct enhancements and

Who can become a member ?

Membership in the RD&E Network is an individual membership and the main requirement is that you are an employee of an SAP customer.  All network activities (events, presentations, discussions, calls, teleconferencing, etc.) will be held in English language. Members are expected to actively support and participate in network events and other activities

How to become a member ?

1. Send us a mail with initial contact information:

- Name of your organization
- Country of your organization’s headquarters
- Name of the main contact person within your organization
- Email address of the main contact person
- Job title of the main contact person

Send the  e-mail containing this information to

SAP will send all correspondence to the email address given in your response mail  e.g. invitations to webinars or in-person network meetings

2. You will receive a welcome e-mail with additional information for access to the online platform and an overview of upcoming network activities.

What do you get from the Network ?

Members are entitled to:

  • Participate in semi-annual round table meetings (in-person) organized per region (US / EMEA). Network with other customers during evening events
  • Participate in work streams for special focus topics, frequently meetings with peers, domain experts and SAP Partners  in online meetings or in-person meetings.  
  • Get access to the virtual platform to retrieve presentations , event summaries, documentation, agenda and participants' list with contact details)

What do we expect from you as a Member of the Network ?

To be able to facilitate a lively and to all member beneficial community we are asking all involved parties to follow these rules:

  • Active participation in network discussions and events
  • Contribute to the content of the workshops and online-events by providing examples, best practices and challenges from your daily business (compliant with your corporate policy)
  • Make at least one presentation / per year (either web-ex or at an in-person network event) about a topic to be agreed upon beforehand  

Is there a membership fee ?

No, the membership in Customer Network for R&D and Engineering is free of charge. Members are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. As the Network operates on a give and take basis as described in the sections before, we would appreciate if members would host network events, especially in those cases where they are leading a work stream.

How can I terminate my membership ?

The member's membership will be continuing upon the member's request  being made in writing or email to SAP or until terminated by SAP.

Where can I get more information about the RD&E Network ?

In case you have more questions about the network, don’t hesitate to contact the Lead for the Customer Network for R&D and Engineering

Renato Zadro, SAP PLM Solution Management

Dietmar-Hopp-Alle 16

69190 Walldorf / Germany

Phone: +49 6227 748326

Mobile: +49 160 8896654


Changes and Notices

SAP reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue any part or all of the *Customer Network for R&D and Engineering  *at any time. SAP may notify you of any changes related to the Customer Network via email. SAP may make changes to its products, service offerings and SAP Software at any time without notice.

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