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Text Data Processing is all about being able to take unstructured textual data and turn it into something you can analyze and act on. It allows you to deal with information overload by mining very large corpora of words and making sense of it without having to read every sentence!

Text Data Processing within SAP

SAP delivers text data processing via SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. The Text Data Processing feature in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services helps enterprises extend Information Management and Business Intelligence initiatives by unlocking unstructured text sources. With advanced linguistic capabilities, TDP knows the elements of human language, how these elements differ from language to language and how their dependencies express the underlying salient information. It literally understands the meaning and context of information, not just the words themselves. Through core natural-language processing of the Entity Extraction transform, TDP extracts key information – the who, what, where, when, and how in text – automatically revealing important relations and events occurring between these entities. Ultimately, it gives required structure to unstructured text sources for business analytics and reporting.

Use cases for text data processing highlighting available content

General use cases for text data processing

Use Case


Target Audience

Electronic discovery law

Discovery is a pre-trial phase in a lawsuit, in which each party makes information available to the other. A lawyer's time is expensive, accelerate the process of analyzing documents for evidence.


Brand monitoring

Someone who wants to know what people are saying about their products and brands. Are they creating "buzz" and is it positive or negative?


Employee morale

Use sentiment analysis of collaboration spaces to detect employee problems early.

Human Resources

Investigative case management

Analyze criminal records to discover connections between suspects, organizations, and events. Help solve cases.

Police Detectives

Requirements tracking

Manage projects through a series of documents to help ensure what is implemented meets customer requirements.

Project Managers

Innovation management

It's a labor-intensive process to evaluate ideas. Find related variances and group them together.

Knowledge Workers

Patent research

Classify Invention Disclosure Forms (IDF) according to topic maps.

Knowledge Workers

Customer service

Optimize call centers by routing topics in questions to the right person.

Customer Support

Information governance, risk and compliance

Detect leaks of confidential data.

Public Servants

Content management systems

General information discovery to help users find related documents. Analyze news feeds by finding complementary information.

Knowledge Workers


Help HR departments best match applicants to open positions.

Human Resources

Public sector

Analyze field reports for connections between people, organizations, bank accounts, and so on to discover terrorist networks and other threats.


Life sciences, medical, and pharmaceutical research

Aid scientists in finding related research documents.


Healthcare informatics

Scrutinize patient records to assist hospitals identifying drug dosages from freeform notes.

Medical Staff

Personalized newsfeeds

Use reader interests to identify news articles they may want to read.

Media Professionals

Customer satisfaction

Predict customer churn and detect product defects from customer complaints.


Contract management

Author, negotiate, audit and continuously improve contracts to help organizations establish strategic long term agreements and protect themselves.


Sports opinion mining

Compare what fans and analysts are saying about teams and upcoming games compared to the odds being offered by bookies. Help users identify best value investments.

Professional Gamblers

Stocks opinion extraction

Compare what experts are saying about companies and stocks compared to the share prices and forecasts being offered by markets. Help users identify best value investments.


Resources to learn more about text data processing

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