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See the following reasons why you should use the latest Frontend patch on at least one PC in your company:

  • If it is confirmed that the issue is solved with patch XX, then we save the time of finding the root cause. That is because very often, the solution is much easier/faster than locating the root cause. Investing the time to locate the error which is already solved with current patch is not very useful.
  • It is only possible to provide a correction in the next patch after the latest. So even if an error is located on lower patch level the solution cannot be provided for that lower patch. E.g. if an error is located/found in Frontend patch (n-1) and the latest released Frontend patch is Frontend patch n, then the correction will be provided in Frontend patch (n+1).
  • Due to the architecture of the frontend, a correction cannot be done by implementing code-snippets like with ABAP server, thus the complete Frontend patch needs to be installed. Even if an emergency hotfix patch is released, the solution will be a complete update of the Frontend patch.
  • Generally multiple errors are corrected with each version. Only important errors are documented and released to customer via SAPNOTE, but NOT ALL. So it is possible that the issue you are currently facing is already solved.
  • Installing a new Frontend patch on a test PC is neither time consuming nor complicated. It takes less than 20 minutes. It will save more time than it is needed for incident creation (by customer) and analyzing the issue (by customer & SAP Product Support).
  • See the latest versions here: Current BI Addon