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Hi all,

This small blog is for all those people who are new to SAP. Usually we all have doubts from which table the pricing conditions are picked up.

Note: Pricing conditions always starts with table prefixing with A.  I have jotted the steps you can use.

First go to the order. 

Next go to the line item: 

Select one line item and press the analysis button. you will get the condition screen. 

Now lets take example for PR00 for which condition record has been found. 

If you can go to the analysis screen.. .then you can see the condition record will be found... for our example... the combination is customer price group and material. 

Now go to VK13, type PR00 and enter… you will get condition record screen  

As you see four combinations… you can select the last one customer price group/material which we had already found in sales order. Enter the same values here. Click on condition info. 

You will get the detailed screen.Press execute. 

 You can see that it has information about table 9** which is having the customer price group/ material.   

So you need to go to se16 and enter A9** to check the values and execute.

 You will get the values with respect to that A table. 

Please use the same procedure irrespective of any condition type.

Kind Regards

Vamshi Krishna

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