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30 Seconds of Recognition - 2011 Las Vegas SAP TechEd

CONGRATULATIONS 2011 SCNotty Award Winners:

Tom Cenens - Best Impression of Flavor Flav

Jamie Oswald - Best Impersonation of an SAP Mentor

Eric Ledu - 2nd Best Yoga Master

Tridip Chakraborthy - Best  Musical Tribute

Sue Keohan - Best Corruption of Tribute Artists

Eric Vallo - Best use of a Lightsaber

Thorsten Franz - Most Likely to Make us Soil our Underclothes

Rob Solomon - Most Shagadelic

John Astill - Best Lego Finnern

Tom Matys - No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Video

Chris Paine - Best Subtitles on Foreign Film

Matthias Steiner - Best Hassle of the 'Hoff

Members of SAP Community are once again encouraged to produce and link to a 30 second (more or less) video introducing themselves to the rest of us and can win a SCNotty. Deadline for submissions is September 7th, 2011! [NOW CLOSED!]

Follow on Twitter at @SCNotties or use the hashtag #SCNotties

For those leaving Las Vegas:

Site / Link

SCNotties 2011 Deadline





2010 SCNotty Submissions for 30 Second Video

SCNotty Award Categories for 30 Second Videos: (proposed categories only; the judges reserve the right to create other judging categories later)

  • SAP Mentor videos in HD
  • SAP Mentor videos NOT in HD
  • Videos NOT by an SAP Mentor
  • Best video by a female
  • Best video NOT by a female
  • Best video overall
  • Worst performance
  • Best performance
  • Best Accordion Film Music (Create your own category to win)
  • Jeopardy Contest

 Every submitted video will be awarded 150 points, plus 100 points will additionally be awarded to each winning video (to be confirmed).


As the SCNotty father Jim Spath is attending SAP TechEd Bangalore this year and hosting the SCNotties live at this venue, it has fallen to Greg Myers , Sylvia Santelli and Natascha Thomson to take on this important SCNotty duty for SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2011! We hope to do Jim justice.

Blogs on the SCNotty Awards

Submit Your 30-Second Video for the SAP TechEd Las Vegas SCNotty Awards Now

2010 SCNotties


1. Create a video

2. Upload to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Pick a platform and snag the link.

3.Submit below


SCN Business
Card link

 (Title, link,etc)


Greg Myers

Greg Myers

The 2011 SCNotty Awards - Las Vegas Style 

Natascha Thomson

Natascha Thomson

Mentor Yoga 

Tom Cenens

Tom Cenens

What was I thinking?\\

Tom Matys

Tom Matys

Hurricanes always make me sleep better

Sylvia Santelli

Syliva Santelli

One Item or Less

Gretchen Lindquist

Gretchen L

Gretchen's SCN video for SAP TechEd 2011

Matthias Steiner

SCN Business Card

SCNotty By Nature

Tammy Powlas

Tammy Powlas

Mentor Hula Hoop

Abdulbasit Gulsen

Abdulbasit Gulsen

The SCN has you!

Karin Tillotson

Karin Tillotson

Karin’s 2011 SCNotty Las Vegas

Rob Solomon

Rob Solomon

 International Man of Mystery

Mark Finnern

Mark Finnern

It's SCNotty or never

Daniel Graversen

Daniel Graversen

Am I old or not

Eric Vallo

Eric Vallo

It's what's for breakfast


Jon Reed

Jon Reed

3 Underrated Movies for Hackers, Code Freaks and Enterprise Outliers

Eric Ledu

Eric Ledu

A high-performance stuntman's Tribute to Elvis

Thorsten Franz


CHALK - Your unfair advantage

Henrique Pinto

Henrique Pinto

This is what I can do

Jim Link

Jim Link

All Shook Up

John Astill


Get your game on

John Appleby


Saving kittens, one suitcase at a time.

Chris Paine


The day in my life before the submission deadline

Sue Keohan


What's the plural of 'Elvis' ?

Jon Reed

Jon Reed

"Way too long SCNotties Outtake - Five Non-Fiction Books that Have Influenced Me"

Tridip Chakraborthy


The SAP Mentor Cub Song

Jim and ?

Jim Spath

Ghosts of events past

Stephen Johannes

Stephen Johannes

Angry Birds

Aslan Noghre-kar

Aslan Noghre-kar

Just in time

Jamie Oswald

Jamie Oswald

Jamie Oswald, errr, John Appleby

Palm Norchoovech

Palm Norchoovech

Listening To You 24/7

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  1. Jamie, you only get credit for one entry, despite using an alias.  Nice try, pal.

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing.  I just finished watching all of these.   Great - inspiring job...  I didn't do a Scnotty this year.  I admire those of you that did!