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Join us at the “Midnight Mobile Madness” – a special TechEd Seminar (now in Madrid too!)

Join SAP’s leading mobility experts for an exciting after-hours seminar at SAP TechEd on Wednesday evening, November 9th from 7:00PM to midnight.  During this exciting session, you’ll learn about SAP’s latest mobile apps, the Sybase Unwired Platform, SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, and SAP Business All-in-One offerings. You’ll also learn about the different options available to all companies, both large and small.  In between lectures, hands-on exercises, and a fun pizza and refreshments (aka beer) break, you’ll have the chance to win prizes and bragging rights about your mobile acumen.

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See pictures of our seminar in Las Vegas here


Regular TechEd attendance is required for attending the Midnight Mobile Madness, attendee spots are awarded on a first-come / first-serve basis for registrants by requesting a seat on the link from the official TechEd page for the Midnight Mobile Madness Seminar.

Act soon and request your seat:



  1. Overview SAP's mobile strategy, architecture and options for companies both large and small.  Learn about what SAP provides ‘out of the box’  including SAP’s mobile apps SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions and RDS
  2. GAME-BREAK Maybe a chance to win a mobile device and other prizes!
  3. Motorola Mobility - How mobile device makers support devlopers and what's coming from Motorola Mobility
  4. GAME-BREAK - more chances to win prizes!
  5. Technical walkthrough  – Review/demo of the installation process of mobile architecture and configuration with SAP ERP and deployment of an SAP mobile application.
  6. GAME-BREAK - more chances to win prizes!  (dinner includes delicious Pizza, snacks for all, and beverages including... beer & wine)
  7. Deployment of mobile application with demonstration and detailed discussion - Deploy a new SAP mobile application and review SAP ERP configuration to enable the use of the SAP mobile application
  8. Summary and review of additional tools and accelerators from SAP including SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions 
  9. GAME-BREAK Finale - more chances to win prizes!
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