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  • Create an Address iView with Height Type as Fixed in Portal.  Let the path be:
    Login to Portal > Content Administration > Portal Content > Sandbox > ……….



  • Now use the same iView in an address page by choosing "Add iView  to page" -> Delta Link.


  • Then try to view the newly created page.


  • You can see that height occupied by the iView (shown in lower part of page) is too small and the content is not properly visible.


  • Likewise the same iView could have been used in so many pages. So you have set the height of iView to automatic. But going to so many pages and making this change will be very tough.To  make it easy you can go to the base iView property and change the value there.


  • Since the same iView is not actually copied but the link is copied in "Delta link" option; so this change will be shown on all the pages where this iView is used.


  • But if you use "Copy" option instead of "Delta link"; you have to make this change in each and every page where this iView was copied.

  • That's why it is always recommended to use option "Delta link" rather than "Copy" in designing portal contents. Because via "Delta link" the standard content is not copied to the target but only a link is copied which actually accesses the original content. This is helpful in case where original content requires change, all the other areas where it is linked will be updated in one go.
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