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Note: The following information is one page of a multi-page walkthrough entitled Introduction to BPC Consolidations for Non-Accountants.

A BPC Consolidation application requires both a Rate application, used to store currency exchange rates, and an Ownership application used to store the relationships between the parent holding company and its fully- and/or partially-owned subisidiary companies and/or partners.

The following tables show the minimally required dimensions for each of the three applications based on SAP's online help documentation for the BPC for Microsoft (MS)  product and for the BPC for NetWeaver (NW)  product.




Account (A)

O_Account (A)

R_Account (A)

Category (C)

Category (C)

Category (C)

Entity (E)

Entity (E)

R_Entity (E)

Groups (R)

Groups (R)

InputCurrency (R)

Time (T)

Time (T)

Time (T)

InterCompany (I)

InterCompany (I)


DataSource (D)



Flow (S)



Create the required dimensions

Use the attached Microsoft Excel workbook to create these dimensions.  There are two worksheets for each dimension, one worksheet shows a screenshot of the required dimension properties and property sizes based on the same online help links above, and the other worksheet contains the master data for the dimension (the dimension members and property values for each member). 

 Create these 12 dimensions in your application set.


Create the required applications

Since the Rate and Ownership applications are dependencies for creating a Consolidation application, they must be created first.

 Create the Rate to application match the following screenshot:

 Create the Ownership application to match the following screenshot:

  Create the Consolidation application to match the following screenshot:

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  2. Hi Rao, you can use the IFRS starter kit for this.