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Splitting of Purchase Order Quantities in Apparel and Footwear Solution (IS-AFS)


 You need to be able to change purchase orders quickly and efficiently based on changing circumstances. With this transaction, you can split purchase order items among vendors, plants, purchasing organizations, or company codes to optimize your goods receipts. By changing the receiving plant or splitting schedule lines by plant, you can optimize distribution of the goods to your various locations. 


You may want to reevaluate a purchase order in the following situations: 

The purchase order quantity is so large that no single vendor can fill the order.

The existing vendor cannot deliver the goods in time, but another vendor can.

You can obtain one of the purchase order items from a different vendor at a better price.  

Process Steps

1)       Create a Purchase Order with Quantity of 10000 M

2)       Run the T-Code: /N/AFS/SPLITPO

3)       Selection Criteria: Purchase Order Number , Press Enter

4)       In the Split and Change PO, Select the Line Item and Click on Execute

5)       In the Change PO Screen Click on Split PO ICON

6)       Under the New Data Tab Give the New Vendor, Company Code Pur.Org and P.Grp

7)       Under the Schedule Line Tab in the Reduced Quantities Column enter the New quantities to the vendor to which you are splitting  You can not assign the Total quantities to the New vendor the minimum quantity to the old vendor. (The Minimum quantity of Old Purchase Order should be 1or 0.001 as per the Base Unit of Measure).

8)       Click on the Simulate button or Press F6

9)       Errors will be logged in the Log Tab Strip

10)   If Simulation run was successful Click on Save or Press Ctrl+S

11)   You can see the New Purchase Order Number in the Log Tabs trip.

Process Prerequisite

The Minimum quantity of Old Purchase Order should be 1or 0.001 as per the Base Unit of Measure.

Vendor must be created in the given Purchase Organization.

Info Record to be maintained for Vendor and Material Combination.

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