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This Wiki shows some of the most common Business Address Services (BAS) issues.


Business Address Services (BAS) offer functions for managing addresses in applications. Using various address types, you can store and further process addresses. An address is subordinate to an associated application object (such as a customer, a purchase order or a plant).

Section 1

Here are some common issues:

1) The communication data on the database is inconsistent in the address data. This can have the following effects, for example: When you change a user through the CUA, the booking in of the IDOC USERCLONE terminates in the target system with the SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC short dump.

A) Run report Z_OSSNOTE_436119 from note 436119 to correct the inconsistent communication data 

2) Address records (ADRC) for customers exist in which fields are deleted for an unknown reason or for some entries in Customer table KNA1, corresponding entries in Address table ADRC are not synchronized.

A) There is a Inconsistency between tables KNA1 and ADRC. Please run the reports ZKNA1ADRC and Z_OSSNOTE_418007 from 418007

3) There is overlapping interval in Table ADRPOBOX. This overlapping could lead to a shortdump when running Report RSADRLSM02.

A) Run report Z_OSSNOTE_836456 from note 836456

4) When you delete a contact person the corresponding e-mail address (telephone number, fax number.) is not deleted.

A) Run report Z_OSSNOTE_499996 from note 499996

5) Duplicate entries are saved in the communication data.

A) Run report Z_OSSNOTE_505594 from note 505594

6) Once you have executed the report RSADRNNR, entries in the where-used list table ADRV of address administration are missing.

A) There is an inconsistency in the table ADRV. Run report ZZADRV01 from note 116008

7) Some business partner addresses have an empty address group in the ADRV table, or the relevant entry is missing altogether. If you want to edit one of these business partners, the system issues error message AM 891 when you save the data.

A) There is an inconsistency between tables: BUT020, ADRC, ADRV. Run report Z_OSSNOTE_755980 from note 755980

8) There are Regions missing for some Countries in the SAP system. They are missing from table T005S.

A) Please see note 1164216. The attachment to the note provides all countries and their regions delivered in the SAP system.

9) Users no longer appear in the F4 help. However, these users continue to exist in the system and can be maintained in transaction SU01. Or also Users can appear in the F4 help even though they were deleted.

A) Run report Z_OSSNOTE_499997 from note 499997

10) You receive error AM891 - "DB and COMM_A_P_IN_MEMORY incompatible".

A) Run report Z_OSSNOTE_436119 from note 436119

11)while deleting a user, the entry in ADRP will not be deleted.

A)When user is created for the user there will be two reference created in the ADRVP table first one is referring to USR21 table where the user is stored and the other is SUOD table SAPoffice
user definition. When user is deleted only the USR21 entry in ADRVP table gets deleted but not the SUOD entry. Since the reference SUOD exists the ADRP entry will not be deleted.


A) Run "Z_OSSNOTE_445575" from the note 445575-> find the largest number-> SA01 change the value of the Status number to be greater. (e.g. by 100).

EX: Z_OSSNOTE_445575 doesn't check the relationship between 'current number' and 'To number', sometimes this dump is due to 'current number' is reached to 'To number', so we need to check the 'current number' via SA01, if it has been reached to 'To number', then extend the 'To number'.


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