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While printing purchase order forms (MEDRUCK) or copied forms, item texts are printed for every item and normally only the configured item texts (Eg: Item text, Info record PO text, Material PO text, etc.) can be printed in the output.

This article explains how to include a custom standard text (SO10) text in the output through configuration. This is only applicable for MEDRUCK forms or forms which are copied from MEDRUCK and print program SAPFM06P or print programs copied from SAPFM06P.


Step1 Table T166P configuration

Maintain view V_T166P (Print-Relevant Item Texts) or In customizing : Material Management -> Purchasing  -> Messages -> Texts for Messages -> Define Texts for Purchase Order

This can be restricted by T166P fields Print operation Indicator, Purchasing document category, Purchasing document type, Item category in purchasing document. And in the Object (TDOBJECT) field enter ‘TEXT’ and in the ID (TDID) field, enter ‘ST’ to denote that this is a standard text. And in the TXNAM field, enter the standard text created. (In this example, ZFDFFDFD). Last field can be used to control whether to print the title or not.

Step 2 Create the standard text

Add any restriction or condition needed. In this example, this should be printed only for output type NEU. So that condition is included here. Along with that this text should be printed only when the Military goods flag (MARC-ITARK) is marked.



Once done, we can directly execute the output. This will be printed after printing all the regular item texts in T166P order.

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