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The purpose of this document is to outline the procedure to customise the SAP Systems for easy identification.


Many requests are made to provide instructions on how to customise your SAP system for easy identification or personal touches. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps in order to achieve this goal.


The largest hurdle to setting the color to the system is the fact that the theme initially needs to be set to one of the following themes beforehand.

  • Enjoy
  • Streamline
  • Tradeshow
  • System Dependent.

With the 7.20 SAPGUI, the default theme is set to Signature Design.

The Signature theme overrides the Colors in System option.(this was formally known as

Set Color to System in SAPGUI 7.10 and below).


Firstly, you need to set the GUI theme to one of the four listed above.

This can be done in the Start => SAPGUI Configuration menu

Then open the Themes menu in the GUI Options menu.

Select any of the four themes listed previously.

Then logon to a system that you would like to change.

And set the desired colour setting from the ALT + F12 Options Theme settings.


Additional Information

To set the default theme for all users of a system the parameter,set the "sapgui/theme" in transaction RZ10 as per the related note below:

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