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 1) The Pricing Maintenance (VK31) screens are based on the Pricing Area Menu.

2)  In order to add custom Condition Types and Condition Tables to this Area Menu, the standard menu needs to be enhanced.

3) Execute SE43 to access the maintenance for Area Menus. The menu for pricing is called “COND_AV”. 

4) Click on Display button to go to the screen that looks like transaction VK31 – Create Condition records. 

5)  Click on change button and select “Extend” in the pop-up window. 

6)  Click on the create button to add a new custom object and enter an enhancement ID and text. 

7) Once it is saved the new Enhancement ID will be shown in the list. Now Double click on the same. 

8)  The current Pricing Area Menu is displayed, to which we will add our custom node. Click on the “Add entry at the same level” button. 

9)  Now we will enter the name of the node being created. The name here is “Customer Material Specific prices” and click on continue. 

10)  The new node that we created now is a part of the condition maintenance menu. The Enhancement ID can also be seen. 

11)  Placing the cursor on the newly created node click on the “Add entry as sub node” button so that we can attach our custom Pricing Report “Z1” to the menu. 

12)  Now click on the “Add Report” button. We can add the report name that we created in the Report field of the pop-up screen and click on continue.

13)  The Report is now added to our custom created node as shown below. Save all the changes. 

14)  Go to VK32. In the standard menu we can see the entire new customized node we created.