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In some error situations the trace files of the WebAS contains useful information. This article describes how to find the trace file and how to watch its entries.

The Work Process Trace Files


The work process trace files are located in the run directory of the WebAS. They are named to dev_wN where 'N' is the work process number. They are simple text files and can be viewed using a text editor, tail -f f.i. will work. They can be viewed using the transactions SM50 and ST11 also. 

Trace Levels

The ITS trace can be enabled using the transaction SM50 -> Process->Trace->Active Components. In the popup dialog appearing check the entry 'WebGui'.

How detailed the ITS components will write to the work process trace is determined by the setting of some kernel parameters. These parameters can be accessed - also changed - using our ITS monitor transaction SITSPMON

itsp/Traces/SAPagi/TraceLevel       1

itsp/Traces/SAPautom/TraceLevel  2

itsp/Traces/SAPdiag/TraceLevel     2

itsp/Traces/SAPdp/TraceLevel        1

itsp/Traces/SAPjulep/TraceLevel     1

itsp/Traces/SAPplugin/TraceLevel   2

itsp/Traces/SAPxgdk/TraceLevel     2

itsp/Traces/render/TraceLevel        1

These settings will fit for almost all situation, changing one should be necessary in seldom cases only.

Trace File Entries

Trace entries written by the ITS can be identified by the preceding 'W'. The following lines are written during the initialization of the ITS:

W  =================================================
W  === ipl_Init() called
W    ITS Plugin: Path dw_gui
W    ITS Plugin: Description ITS Plugin - ITS rendering DLL
W    ITS Plugin: sizeof(SAP_UC) 2
W    ITS Plugin: Release: 710, [7100.0.0.20071700]
W    ITS Plugin: Int.version, [33]
W    ITS Plugin: Feature set: [10]
W    ===... Calling itsp_Init in external dll ===>
W  === ipl_Init() returns 0, ITSPE_OK: OK
W  =================================================