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You want to add additional components into the Front End Installation Server,which are not available in the

NwSapSetupAdmin tool.


Some packages cannot be added to the  installation server by default,so I've outlined a method

in which this can be acomplished.


1)   Download or navigate to the desired package .exe file that you wish to import into your Installation Server.

2)  Place this in a folder such as C:\temp

3)  Create a folder in C:\temp (In this example the folder was called “New Folder”) 
NOTE:  The file in this example is  xPreCalServer05_0-20006596.exe

4)  Run the package .exe file with the added switch /extract= to where the you want the files to be extracted to.


5)  The command in this example is C:\temp\xPreCalServer05_0-20006596.exe /extract="New Folder".

 This command extracts the required setup files that NwSapSetupAdmin needs into the desired folder "New Folder"

 The double-quotes around "New Folder",  are needed from the command line because of the folder name has a space in it (New Folder).

6) The resulting output should be as shown.

7)  Run the NwsapsetupAdmin tool.

8)  Click on ‘Import Products’.


9)  Click 'Next',and brows to the location of the extracted files, in this example it was C:\temp\New Folder\Setup.


10)  Click 'Next' again,and the package shold be inported sucessfully.


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