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The IDoc remains stuck in SM58 of sender system with exception "IDocException occurred". Logs in SAP NetWeaver Administrator show following error: IDocException occurred. Caused by: (3) IDOC_ERROR_METADATA_UNAVAILABLE:


Follow the procedure below:

  1. In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, create a metadata destination using the XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_DESTINATION_<SID> format.
  2. Point this destination to the sender system where definition for IDoc is present.
  3. Go to RFC Destination in sm59 and set Unicode (MDMP and Unicode) as enabled.
  4. Stop and start the sender channel, and then resend the IDoc.
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  1. Unknown User (ej55ugz)

    Hi Rossen,

    I have few messages stuck in TRFC with the error "Commit fault: ASJ.ejb.005043 (Failed in component:"

    We had a heap size issue; the size was increased. However the issue is not resolved.

    What are the other possibilities. Kindly suggest.

    1. Hi,

      The sender idoc communication channel and respective ICO objects might have missing at your PI system. Because of which you are seeing the trfc error "Commit fault: ASJ.ejb.005043 (Failed in component:""

      Recheck the configuration in ID and try to execute luw for the failed msgs and it should go fine



    2. You can find more details and solution about this error at

      Sachin Dhingra

  2. Anonymous

    Perhaps the people in the PI forum on SDN would be able to help you on this. I'm only an editor for the PI troubleshooting guide, and unfortunately don't know much about IDocs.