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What is the Problem you are facing?

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    how to solft   Error: Requested resource does not exist.

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    I am getting an error in the Basic configuration step of SOLNAM "automatic configuration-step5" at BW content activation(UPL), while running this job it has seems to be cancelled due to "Source system SMRCLNT200 is not active for this BI" - this is the message I got in log file.

    when I have tried to activate manually, I am getting the error " The source system release is not same as the local information - and found in the table RSBASIDOC- the system release value is 722– , but it has to be 702.

    Hope I can't manually edit the value in the table RSBASIDOC. Is any alternate solution in here? Please help me.

    For configuring, I am using SOLMAN SP15, and in a copied client of 001 with the BW system in the same client 200.