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Applies to:

SAP Business Intelligence 7.0. For more information, visit the Business Intelligence homepage.


This document describes a list of useful settings after HSC is done.

Author(s):    Carlos Basto

Company:    Accenture

Created on: 09.05.2011

 Author bio

Carlos Basto is a Senior Programmer at Accenture. He has been involved in SAP BW Consulting and Support Projects.

The Same Delivery Has Negative Values 

By default, the logic used in the extraction of SAP SD made publicly an additional feature to the extractor 2LIS_12_VCITM: control of the + / -.
Table LIPS is responsible for ensuring the control of the extractor in the Transactional Data signaling.
• The field 'Returns' (Data Element SHKZG_VA) in LIPS table sets the values for the Extractor Control.
• Then, the flag 'Inversion' in the structure of the extractor actives the conversion.
Thus, the signal conversion is made naturally by default. You can change it, however, SAP does not recommend for reasons related to business rules in SD.

I hope that helps.