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Add, Edit or Delete Transparent Table Records on Non-Modifiable Client


This short tutorial states how to add, edit or delete table records on non-modifiable client. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps and you are done.

Just a plain note: This will only work as long as you have the authorization to change values during debugging. Usually development rights are required.

Steps to Add, Edit or Delete records from a transparent database table.


1.  Go to SE16 and enter the name of the table of which the values needs to be changed. In this scenario I will use EKPO.

See this image: Screenshot - 1

2. Now double click on the record you want to edit.

Screenshot 2

3. Now type /h and hit enter twice.

Screenshot 3

4. You will see the following screen type CODE as shown below (by default it will have value SHOW). You can change this value to EDIT, INSR, DELE and ANVO. Every value is self-explanatory but let me explain. INSR - Insert, EDIT - EDIT, DELE - Delete and ANVO - Edit with key values.

Screenshot 4

5. Change the value SHOW to any of the above. I will use EDIT (caps only).

Screenshot 5

6. Now press F8. You will see the following screen.

Screenshot 6

7. Change your desired values and don't forget to press SAVE.


There you go; you have successfully changed the record on non-modifiable client. You can try this on PRD and QA also. Now try DELE, INSR and ANVO by yourself.