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You have set up your Business Warehouse (BW) system, Virtual Directory Server and Identity Center (IC) for the BW Reporting scenario according to the respective implementation guides. The Identity Center database runs on Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) Server.
When running job "IDM to BW Data Transfer" to actually transfer data to BW, looking at the "State" tab of the job in the Identity Center console, you see that the "State" switches to "Running", but the "Entry number" stays on "0" for minutes or even longer, indicating that no data is transferred.

Additionally, there is the following content in the DSE log file for the job (default path: %$ddm.ddmpath%\DSE.log):

 06.05.2011 13:57:42 :X:JDBC driver: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver Version 1.2.2828.100
 06.05.2011 13:57:42 :X:Database server: Microsoft SQL Server Version
 06.05.2011 13:57:47 :E:Unhandled Error in DSERuntime  java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space at<init>(Unknown Source)


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