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Introduce Business Context Viewer (BCV)


BCV is the tool for Analytics in PLM 7.01 embedded into the PLM UI as side panel.Product Centric View(PCV in EHP4) is renamed as Business Context Viewer(BCV).

From user interface perspective,BCV has:                                                             
-Items for navigation
-Search capabilities

New Dashboard capabilities
-Flexible positioning(eg:merge cells)
data synchronization between quick views

Other Features

Several chart types
Line chart
Column chart
Stacked column chart
Pie chart
Bubble chart
Gantt charts
A vs B chart

Extended settings for charts
Label handling
Multiple y-axes
3D charts
Color palette usage
Values for start/end points (axes)

Export functionality
Table -> Excel
Chart -> GIF file

Integration for Xcelsius dashboards
Runs in flash island
Easy configuration (no ABAP necessary)
Field mapping
No BI/BW necessary

Printing Capabilities

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