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SAP Extractors are tailored for BW Business Content, so they contain all the logic for common business transformations, possible aggregations, how to identify changes (delta) already. Sounds like a useful source to read from when building a DWH! And therefore DataServices 4.0 supports reading from Extractors as well.
A six minute video recording on how to use Extractors can be viewed here.
A second video showing what an Extractor is actually and what kind of Extractors exist are shown here
And what you can do if there is no Extractor at all is shown here. It also answers the question how you do delta with ABAP dataflows.


The DataServices Extractor feature is built on top of the Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) for Replication API developed by the NetWeaver team and therefore needs this to be installed in your SAP System you are going to read from. Assuming that you are on a rather current Service Pack, this API should be ready for use. But you need to be on a ERP 6.0 version for that, a downport to lower releases was not possible. The SAP Note 1521883 contains all the details about supported releases.
According to this note you should be on an ERP version that is using the following PI_BASIS version or higher:

  • PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 SP 24 (part of SAP NetWeaver 7.00 SP 24)
  • PI_BASIS 2006_1_700 SP 14
  • PI_BASIS 701 SP 9 (part of SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SP 9)
  • PI_BASIS 702 SP 8 (part of SAP NetWeaver 7.02 SP 8)
  • PI_BASIS 730 SP 3 (part of SAP NetWeaver 7.30 SP 3)
  • PI_BASIS 731 SP 1 (part of SAP NetWeaver 7.03 SP 1 and 7.31 SP 1)

In case you are on an older SP you can install and use the ODP API still but with certain restrictions - as described in the Note.

The other thing is, as this is a new feature in a complex environment we found many issues and fixed them already. All of these are available as a SAP Note to be installed and it would be a waste of your time to talk to support about a problem that has long been corrected. Hence our advice is to install all SAP Notes as soon as they are rolled out. Given their number this has been a handling problem in the past and therefore the Netweaver team has attached to above 1521883 note an ABAP program that compares a CSV file containing all notes with your SP and the already applied notes and will help you install the remaining ones.

Supported Extractors

The following 4 notes list all standard extractors that are released for ODP use so far:

SAP Note 1558737 lists a few hundred Extractors from SD, MM, CO, FI plus generic (table/view/domain based) Extractors (if they are not shown, the SAP Note 1585204 is missing).

SAP Note 1806637 adds all other ERP and SAP HR related Extractors.

SAP Note 1706582 adds CRM extractors

SAP Note 2232584 lists extractors for Operation Data Provisioning.

 It is less the problem that the others would not work, in fact the ODP API should do exactly the same thing as BW does, but before you are using them we should have at least run them ourselves once - but that takes time.
We will add more Extractors quickly given thre progress we are making in testing them and if a problem is identified, we are asking the SAP developers to fix the problem.
We have many ERP Extractors tested already, CRM Extractors as well but not made the notes available to the public yet.
In case you have a custom built Extractor or you want to try a SAP Extractor at your own risk, see this chapter on how to achieve that in the meantime.


We support all Extractorts except Hierarchy type Extractors - for that we can still use the other DataServices methods.
Lower ERP resp. Netweaver versions than ERP 6/NW 7.0 are not supported.

And what if there is a BW system running as well? No problem at all, the ODP API looks like another BW consumer to the ERP system. Internally you will have two delta queues then, one for the BW system and one for DataServices. To be more precise, one per Extractor instance which is defined during the import of an Extractor.



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