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The purpose of this WIKI is to provide additional documentation and clarification on the logic behind the setting 'All CO LIs' that can be found in FAGLCOFIIMG configuration transaction for FICO Real-Time Integration.


It is unclear exactly what this setting does and in the F1 documentation for the setting it warns "SAP Recommend only for test pruposes". This document addresses this need to have a better understanding of the warning and what effect this setting will have in comparison to the other available settings in Transaction: FAGLCOFIIMG. This WIKI will explain how to find the setting and provide an explanation to help understand the impact of this setting.

Where to find CO-FI Real Time Integration Variant Settings

1. By entering transaction FAGLCOFIIMG you will load the following IMG path:

2. Click on "Define Variants for Real-Time Integration"

3. Select a variant (or create a new Variant) and click the Display button:

4. In the Screen Section "Selection of Document Lines for Real-Time Integration CO->FI you will see the setting for "Update All CO LIs"

Explanation of this setting and impacts

The 'Update all CO LIs' indicator will basically update any CO lineitem postings to FI. Some that want this, test the effects in a test system and if they are happy that the amount of postings were within a reasonable amount and activate the indicator in their production system also.

But the logic that you are wanting to understand is as follows:

The settings for the CO/FI real-time integration try to allow you to control what gets transferred/updated to FI from CO in Real-Time Integration. The various options available allow for flexibility in choosing what is update to FI.

Click to Enlarge Image


Checkbox Options

Therefore the first simple options are the check boxes which allow the user to select the types of posting that they believe are relevant to their FI and CO needs and can leave unselected the options they do not need such as fund postings for example.

Click to Enlarge Image


BADI Option

Another option is to setup a BADI which would allow more flexibility for account assignment control for example using cost center groups etc.

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Rules Option

The next options are to use Rules where you can setup your own rules for what transactions etc and business process will update the CO/FI integration.

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All CO LIs Option

And the last option is to simple have everything. And that is why it comes with a warning just to identify that this 'can' in many cases be too much volume of data that a customer may later not want.
Warning Message:


So in short the Update all CO LIs is like a select all option and simply comes with a warning, but I have dealt with cases in the past where as I said it was tested thoroughly in a test system, the volume was deemed managable and thus implemented in a production environment.

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