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This WIKI page intends to provide information about standard process of transferring packed between the locations.


This WIKI page shows step by step information of the instructions for VLMOVE transaction which handles besides some other movement a specific one of HU transfer. It has screenshot used in this example as well as hyperlinks to other forms of HU transferring.

HU Transfer Summary

A known HU number is selected to be stored in a specific location; in this case it is from a non-HU managed storage location into a  HU managed storage location.  The goods in this case were already packed in the original location. Even though VLMOVE does also some other processes like material to material and plant to plant it is not covered in this specific article.


The example below was done after having created some HUs of that material and packed in a non-HUM storage location. So, basically the idea is to select it and inform the destination data in that transaction, no delivery or posting change are created for the 311 movement, but a material document.

 Go to transaction VLMOVE:

  1. Enter 311 in process movement field;
  2. Enter the destination plant and storage location value that it is expected to store the HU;
  3. Enter and existent HU that is not currently in the destination location ;
  4. Depress <enter>, notice that HU now shows in the bottom portion of the screen;
  5. Hit "Post goods movement" button;

A material document is generated, the HU is now located in the destination.


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In operations involving HUs there are some relevant information available in the MarketPlace, just look for Notes/KBAs where application area or component is LO-HU* and you can find some information regarding features, restrictions, tips and also bug fixes for several issues across different ERP version.

SAP Note 1573066 VLMOVE and Split Valuation Material Restriction