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                We will explain in detail how to import a cusotmers .wid file with securities so it can be viewed in an engineers environment.


            On occasions there will be an issue where the customer will send a webi report that cannot be opened due to the fact that the customer did not save "for all users".

            XI 3.1 (any versiion of 3.1, this workflow is applicable.


 1. First create a webi report with Efashion.

 2. Receive the .wid fiil from the customer.

 3. Retreive your original webi report from efashionfrom the repository.

4.Copy the name of your webi report and name the customers webi with the one you just created.

5. Then physically replcace the .wid files. In the end the customers .wid now has the name of the .wid you created but it is the cusotmers wid, simply with a different name.  

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