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This document describes the activities you have to perform to set up SAP Portfolio and Project Management workflows.


The customizing can be found under: SPRO > SAP Portfolio and Project Management > Portfolio Management > Global Customizing > Global Settings > Workflow Settings

  1. Maintain the Portfolio Management portal URL by choosing Define Web Server Alias in Portfolio Management > Base System Interfaces > Application Object Settings > Define Web Server Alias.
  2. Activate the workflow processes by choosing Activate Workflows.
  3. Define the workflow IDs by choosing Define Workflow IDs.
    The standard entries for workflow IDs delivered by SAP are maintained as follows:
Workflow IDWorkflow ID Text 
000000000000001Item Deletion Workflow WS00800003
000000000000002Item Attribute Change Workflow WS00800004
000000000000003Item Decision Point Status Change Workflow WS00800006
000000000000004Item Decision Point Attribute Change Workflow WS00800005
000000000000005Item Status Change Workflow WS00800008
000000000000006Initiative Deletion Workflow WS00700032
000000000000007Initiative Attribute Change Workflow WS00700022
000000000000008Initiative Status Change Workflow WS00700021
000000000000009Initiative Decision Point Status Change Workflow WS00700023
000000000000010Initiative Decision Point Attribute Change Workflow WS00700024


4. Maintain the configuration for workflow recipients by choosing Maintain Configuration for Workflow Recipients.
    Also see KBA Note 1945383 "Workflow not triggered in Portfolio Management"


5. Trigger the workflow upon changes to attributes by activating the following Business Add-Ins (BAdI):

      • To trigger the workflow upon changes to attributes of an item, activate the implementation RPM_PROJ_CUST_WF of the BAdI definition RPM_PROJ_CUST_FIELDS.
      • To trigger the workflow upon changes to attributes of an initiative, activate the implementation INM_INITIATIVE_WF of the BAdI definition INM_INITIATIVE_O_BADI.
      • To trigger the workflow upon changes to attributes of a decision point, activate the implementation /RPM/DES_POINT_WF of the BAdI definition /RPM/DECISION_POINT.



Functiongroup: /RPM/WORKFLOW

SAP Note: 322526 Analysis for workflow problems

KBA Note: 1945383 Workflow not triggered in Portfolio Management

Debugging Tips can you find under: Workflow (Tips)





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