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Version management, Solaris machine.


To launch the Version Management on the Solaris machine, you require and files. These files are specific to the Solaris Operating system. However, in Solaris 10, these files do not exist. Therefore, when you launch Version Management from CMC, an error occurs.


To resolve this problem, perform the following steps:

1. Copy and files to /usr/local/lib.

2. Run <BOBJ_INST_DIR>/sap_bobj/ with the following command: <LCM_repository> <CMS password>
The LCM_repository will be created in the home directory.

3. Go to the CMC home page and select Applications Tab.

4. Right-click Version Management.
The values for VMS Settings fields are filled by default.

5. Choose Version Management Tab in the CMC home page.
You will be able to launch the Version Management application successfully.

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